Cecilia Huster

User experience designer

Historical performance graph in Investment Scorecards.

15+ years of 

customer driven design


Lead UX Designer

Investment Scorecards help employees make investment decisions in their 401(k) plans.

Enter custom tax rates inline.

Financial advisors create and edit plans for their customers. Requirements are different, but no less stringent, for professional users.

The web promises to open up a world of possibility for everybody, regardless of disabilities. As a designer, there are a few things you need to know to deliver on that promise. 

To be a global player, means to be a local player everywhere. Here is an example of how that can be achieved through innovative wireframes for right-to-left languages. 

As Luke Wroblewski likes to say "Obvious always wins." Graphs need to be both beautiful and easy to understand for the target audience. 

Next I decide on the type of layout for each form factor. I've designed for anything from old iPhones to 50" monitors.  

Once it's clear what I'm trying to achieve, I map out customer journeys and flows. What order do the tasks need to be performed in? This is a good time to look for how new technology can better serve the user. 

Rather than jump straight into the design, I do preliminary research to analyze the task I'm designing. Activities such as Know/Feel/Do are also an opportunity to get stakeholders involved. 

What is the outcome the user wants? That question forms the starting point for my design process. From there I can come up with new ways of helping users achieve their goals faster and with more ease.. 

Top Down Design Process